Will rose petals lead the way to swan love at Lake Eola?

City leaders are hoping for love at first honk

ORLANDO, Fla. – Three years ago, one of Lake Eola's two black-necked swans died because someone fed it popcorn. Now, Queenie, the city's remaining black-necked swan, is being given a chance to find new love. 

After spending some time in quarantine, two new swans were formally released into the lake, with rose petals scattered on the ground, in hopes one of them will mate with Queenie. 

The program, named Swan-A-Thon, was was created by City Commissioner Patty Sheehan in an effort to raise money for the new swans. 

"You can't just throw a new swan in the lake," Sheehan said. "You can't do that. First we had to quarantine them, had them checked out by a vet, do their microchips." 

Thanks to one resident, Shawn Pennington, the city received $2,000 to pay for one of the swans. Sheehan came up with the rest of the money by using her office's discretionary budget. Sheehan hopes this fundraiser will reimburse the money used to pay for the second swan. 

"I was so worried, but they've completely acclimated and this is just the best thing ever​," Sheehan said. 

News 6 made every effort to speak with the two new swans, but was unsuccessful in getting them to take part in a formal interview.

City leaders told News 6 they hope to find a mate for their lone trumpeter swan. 

They want to remind people who want to feed the swans, to use lettuce or the food dispensers already set up throughout the park. 


On the most dramatic season of the Birdchelorette yet... Two swans remain. Who will Queenie choose?

Posted by City of Orlando - Government on Wednesday, May 29, 2019

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