Grandmother of 8 shot, killed while riding bike in Orange County

Detectives offer $5,000 Crimeline reward

Deputies are looking for answers after a grandmother of eight was shot while riding her bike.

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Orange County detectives spent Thursday afternoon going door to door, speaking with witnesses and handing out Crimeline bulletins in hopes of getting answers as to why a grandmother to eight was shot and killed

Deandre said he misses his grandma, 57-year-old Norma Jean Brewer.

"My grandma was a lovable person and she worked very hard," 7-year-old Deandre said. "She was helpful and very nice and she didn't do nothing to nobody." 

The little boy is now trying to process a big loss in his life. According to Orange County deputies, Brewer was riding her bike around 10:22 p.m. Wednesday when she was shot near Willie Mays Parkway and Cypress Street. 

Witnesses said they saw a red or burgundy car at the scene seconds before. Witness Chuckie Reeder said that car was flashing lights just before he heard the gunshots. 

"By the time I'm coming to the door to find out why they are flashing the lights in my house, that's when I heard the gunshots," Reeder said. "I heard five shots."

Reeder then saw the red car take off, with another white car following behind it. He then ran to the woman on the ground and immediately recognized Brewer not only as someone well-known in the neighborhood, but as an old friend from junior high school. 

"What could she have done to deserve this? That's what went through my mind," Reeder said. "She was a nice person, she never did nothing wrong."

Her family is asking the same questions Thursday. They say Brewer kept to herself and was either at home taking care of her grandchildren or working to support her family. Brewer's daughter-in-law said she worked part-time at the Orange County Convention Center, WalMart and a local auto auction. 

"She was very well-known, very well-loved and whoever did this is senseless. God will take care of this,"  Diana Williams said.

Orange County deputies say there is a $5,000 Crimeline reward if anyone calls in a tip that leads to an arrest. That number is 800-423-TIPS (8477).

"If anybody knows anything about the situation, please come forward," Ciara King, another daughter-in-law to Brewer said. "This will help us."