Another bill proposes moving state capital to Central Florida

Lake Eola Park on July Fourth 2019. News 6 will host the Fireworks at the Fountain beginning at 4 p.m. (Image: James Gosselin/WKMG)

A Florida legislator is once again aiming to move the state capital from Tallahassee to Central Florida. 

Sen. Kevin Rade, D-Delray Beach, filed Senate bill 112, which is called Capital Relocation Study. The proposal will be up for consideration during the 2020 legislative session that starts in January. 

Rader’s proposal suggests that a study be done by the Legislature’s Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability to find out what it would cost to give Florida’s capital a new home in Central Florida.

The study would also look at the economic impact the move would have on Tallahassee.

This is the second time Rader has proposed this legislation, but it was not heard earlier in 2019. 

In March, News 6 political expert Jim Clark said the chances for the bill to pass in the Republican-controlled Senate are nil.

"There's absolutely no chance this bill will pass," Clark said.  "Nobody wants to spend billions of dollars to move the Capitol to Orlando."

Would you want the capital to move to Central Florida?