4-foot python found near downtown Orlando

Python found in 500 block of Avalon Boulevard

ORLANDO, Fla. – A 4-foot python was found near downtown Orlando on Tuesday.

Bob Cross, owner of Critter Catcher Services, said the python was found in the 500 block of Avalon Boulevard after a lawn care worker found it slithering in the grass.

"Of course she freaked out on the phone, and she went online, onto Facebook and started putting out feelers for anyone, if they lost a snake. They didn't know what kind of snake at the time," said Cross. "With me, I just reach down and pick them up. There's no process, I just pick them up."

Neighbors in the area said that living so close to downtown Orlando, this was not a typical sight.

"I would totally freak out if I saw that. I see black snakes around all the time, but I would totally freak out if I saw that," said neighbor Lani Swegheimer-Fuehrer. "We haven't had any cougar sightings yet or anything like they say. There's all these little animals running around, but bears. We don't have any bears sighting here. Hopeful those aren't coming next!"

Cross said the ball python is about 4 feet long and appeared very healthy and well fed. Cross believes the snake is someone's pet that got loose because of its condition. 

"I've grown up in this neighborhood, and yeah, I've never seen any type of snake. Just your normal garden snake, but nothing like that," said neighbor Coley Swegheimer.

Cross also said that the snake is harmless and does not pose any threats. He would like to reunite the snake with its owner, but of course he said he will require proof of ownership, such as pictures with the snake throughout the years.

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