'He's shooting inside our office:' 911 calls released in apartment complex shooting

Police: 2 people killed, man injured

ORLANDO, Fla. – Multiple people called begging for help when a gunman opened fire inside an apartment complex leasing office after fatally shooting his wife, according to recently released 911 calls.

Orlando police department officials said Pedro Martinez Jurado killed his wife, 61-year-old Enma Idalia Contreras Cordero, at their apartment, then went to the Mill Creek Apartment front office and shot two maintenance workers, Fabio Rodriguez and Julian Valencia, on July 31.

Rodriguez, 68, died less than a week after the shooting at Orlando Regional Medical Center. Valencia's condition is unknown.

One of the maintenance workers was among the people who called 911 that afternoon. Through a Spanish interpreter, he said he and his friend had been shot.

"Yes, both of us have been shot. Please come quickly," he said.

He begged operators for help.

"We're locked up in the leasing office. Please send somebody," he said.

Also locked inside the office was a woman who hid under her desk after witnessing the shooting.

"We have somebody shooting inside our office. Please, he's shooting inside our office," the woman said.

A loud noise can be heard in the background of the call.

"Yes, he is (shooting). There's somebody shot inside the office," she said.

About a minute and a half into the call, she says Martinez Jurado has left in a silver Nissan Rouge. She continues pleading for help.

"There's somebody dying," she said, later explaining that a man was shot in the leg.

The call ended when police officers arrived after about three minutes and 30 seconds.

Two residents also called 911, one of whom said a bullet came through his bathroom and lodged in his bathtub.

Authorities have not said what led to the triple shooting but did note in a report that there was no argument before Martinez Jurado shot at Valencia and Rodriguez.

Martinez Jurado was taken to an area hospital after the incident to be treated for a gunshot wound to his neck. Officials have not provided an update on his condition.

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