Officials give updates on attack near Lake Eola

Woman was coming home from walking dog when man attacked, police say

ORLANDO, Fla. – Officials provided updates Saturday on the attack that happened near Lake Eola in October.

News 6 reporter Amanda Castro was at the news conference where authorities released the names and photos of the suspects.

Officials released the chilling 911 calls after the October incident.

A woman's voice was shaky and she sounded as if she were hyperventilating when she called 911 to report that a man tried to push her inside her apartment while she was returning home from walking her dog, according to the Orlando Police Department.

Authorities said the attack happened Oct. 9 on Cathcart Avenue near Lake Eola.

The victim was returning to her apartment around 8:40 p.m. when she noticed a man behind her who she initially thought was going to a separate unit. But then he pushed her door open and covered her mouth, according to police.

"I just came in from walking my dog and some man followed me up the stairwell, as I was entering, and he tried to push me into my apartment and put his hands over my mouth and I just started yelling. My neighbors came outside, they pushed him down. I think he's gone, but he was just trying to push me in my apartment," the woman said.

All but about 30 seconds of the 6 minute, 47 second call were redacted.

Records show the victim's roommate also called 911.

"We just heard my roommate screaming and there was this guy that was trying to attack her in her apartment," the woman said.

That call was almost entirely redacted, as well.

A sketch of the culprit was released, but so far no arrests have been made.

On Saturday, police said a woman was sexually battered outside her home on East Jefferson Street, which is less than a mile from Cathcart Avenue.

Investigators said they are testing evidence to determine whether the two cases are related.

Records show the culprit in the Oct. 9 attack left a flip-flop behind.

Authorities said they are stepping up patrols in the area and are asking residents to check their surveillance cameras in case they recorded any suspicious activity.

Anyone with information about either case is asked to call Crimeline at 1-800-423-TIPS (8477).

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