‘It's crashed and it's on fire:' 911 calls released in fatal Ocala plane crash

Two people died in Oct. 31 crash

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OCALA, Fla. – The 911 calls have been released after a plane crashed into an SUV on an Ocala road Halloween morning.

2 dead after plane crashes into SUV on Ocala road

Two people died after the plane crashed into an SUV around 11:45 a.m. in the area of State Road 200 just east of Interstate 75.

"We saw a plane coming, flying in low and it's crashed and it's on fire," a witness said in a panic in one of the 911 calls.

She told a dispatcher she saw the plane go across State Road 200. She described it as a small plane.

"We just saw it coming at the building," the caller told the dispatcher after the crash.

She said she was inside and could see smoke.

"Everybody is running, oh God," she said.

Another caller told a dispatcher he was 50 yards away from the crash and saw the plane catch fire.

"I could tell it was flying low over the entire shopping center, and then it took a dive into the road," he said.

The plane took off from the Ocala airport, according to investigators.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, a pilot and a mechanic were on board the plane during a maintenance flight.

"According to witnesses -- the plane flew over the shopping mall off SR 200 and took a shallow turn back towards the airport before crashing," said Aaron McCarter, an NTSB air safety investigator. "Pilot did not make mayday call - instead said he radioed that he wanted to return to the airport."

The NTSB said there was some issue with the fuel monitoring unit, and it has information that it was replaced. The mechanic rode along with the pilot to observe the work.

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