Volusia woman says dog killed her pony, attacked horse

Owner of dog will be cited, police said

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – Ann Marie Blair wants justice for her horses after she said two neighborhood dogs went through their fence on Monday night, and attacked their 31-year-old horse named Penny and killed their Palomino pony named Gracie.

Blair’s husband found Gracie in the back of the farm.

"He tells me and my granddaughter to get out of the field, get out of the field, get out of the field and I knew then that Gracie was gone," she said.

The family said in 2016, a neighborhood dog killed their pony and Gracie replaced him to lift her granddaughter’s spirits.

"I want Lake Helen to do something. I want Lake Helen to make these owners accountable," said Blair.

News 6 spoke with Lake Helen Police who were at one neighbor's house.

"The responsibility of the owner is they have a responsibility to keep their dog in their yard. If that dog gets out, it falls under our city ordinance, so they could be in violation of our city ordinance for having an animal at large," said Commander Robert Mullins.

Commander Mullins said the neighbor admitted to their German Shepard escaped and returned home with blood on its fur. There was also white fur stuck in Blair's fence, according to police.

Police said the owner will be cited and the dog will be quarantined for 10 days and could possibly be deemed dangerous.

"We've never had an incident with this particular dog, so the dog will be placed on quarantine at his home," he said.

Commander Mullins said they couldn't prove the other neighbor's dog was involved in this attack or the one back in 2016. Blair said a citation isn't enough and believes there should be stricter laws for livestock.

“I have a dead horse, I have a horse that’s injured. But, the dog gets to stay with the family. How can they be attacked in their own field? This is supposed to be a safe haven for them,” she said.

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