WATCH: Australian grandfather attacked by kangaroo while protecting his dogs

Wildlife expert says man is lucky to be alive

An Australian grandfather who was attacked by a kangaroo in his front yard has told how he managed to escape serious injury.

The man was caught in a sparring match for several minutes as he tried to shield his dogs from the roo’s rage.

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Cliff Dess was in his front yard when the 5 foot, 9 inch marsupial attacked.

“Went a** up and then he jumped on me back,” Dees said of the attack. “I was just fortunate enough there was a stick there where I landed.”

Hit after hit, round after round, the 59-year-old tried to fight back, while at the same trying to calm his distressed dogs.

“Took him to the ground it was just fortunate that I did because he would have opened me up like an envelope, so yeah I wrestled him on the ground for five minutes,” Dees said.

Dees was left battered and bruised and with a story to tell.

“He gouged the top of me head, he bit me on the finger and cut me down the arm ripped and me jacket off,” Dees said of the attack.

Ian Temby, a wildlife expert, said the man is very lucky to be alive.

The kangaroo had been spotted on Cliff’s property in the week since the attack. Despite his injuries, he says he doesn’t hold a grudge toward the animal.

“I don’t know his name and I don’t really want to, but he’s in the yard every night,” Dees said. “There’s 15- to 20-odd roos in the area.”

Temby said his advice is to not stand up and wave your arms but instead crouch down and back away.