Casey Anthony's parents may sue woman who videotaped their garage sale

Lake County woman discusses meeting George, Cindy Anthony

By Sheli Muniz - Reporter

MOUNT DORA, Fla. - A Lake County mother who videotaped at a yard sale Casey Anthony's parents were holding may be facing a lawsuit.

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Christina Werner says she stopped at the moving sale going on at Casey's grandparents home in Mount Dora. She was looking for a TV, but what she found were George and Cindy Anthony selling what she stuff including things she believes are Caylee's toys and teddy bears. So, the next day, Werner returned this time with her camera phone.

"I didn't have this for sale yesterday," said Cindy Anthony in the 10 minute video.

Local 6 asked Werner, "the next day, you return with a camera, why did you record it?

"Because I wanted people to believe me, because I was so disgusted with the situation and I just wanted people to believe what I saw, what happened and that it did happen and they really were selling those items," Werner said.

Werner says she spotted the items she shows Local 6, little girl backpacks, teddy bears, and toys.

"This one is the one that bothered me the most because we all know that Caylee loved Winnie the Pooh," said Werner as she showed Local 6 a bookbag.

Things very similar to what we saw several years back inside Caylee's room in their Hopespring Drive home.

"25 cents. It's hard to hold," said Werner as she held a heart locket.

At the yard sale, Werner told Local 6 she also bought these purses, which she believes their Anthony's because of what she describes as their "youthful look and style."

Werner said she's upset the Anthonys wouldn't just donate the stuff but it's important to note, Werner has also made money too after selling video of the encounter to Radar Online for more than $500.

A move that's stirred controversy.

"Some people would question your motive, what would you say to them?" Local 6 asked.

"If it was my motive to make a quick buck off the situation or whatever I would've gladly taken all those toys and loaded them up in my car," Werner said ,adding at one point, Cindy was willing to give her bins of bears for free.

Werner tells Local 6 what she ultimately would like to do is auction off Caylee's things and pay off Texas Equusearch.

Local 6 spoke to George and Cindy Anthony's lawyer Mark Lippman. He could not confirm whether or not this stuff was Caylee's or Casey's.

Lippman says they are looking to see if Christina violated their rights when she recorded them unbeknownst to them.

Lippman says the Anthonys are not happy.

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