Cops: Victim identifies man who attached camera to shoe, took photos up dress

Police say arrest is imminent after victim IDs suspected voyeur in photo lineup

CLERMONT, Fla. - Clermont police are waiting for one final step before they can arrest a video voyeur who targeted a woman as she was shopping at a Publix in Clermont.

It happened at the Publix on Citrus Tower Boulevard right off US-27 on Sunday afternoon.

[VIDEO: Surveillance shows man in Publix]

Spokesman Capt. Michael McMaster said investigators are waiting on a warrant to be signed from the State Attorney's Office. They say they know who the suspect is, have made contact with his lawyer and could arrest him as early as Friday.

The 28-year-old woman, who didn't want to be identified by name, told Local 6 a man shot up her dress with a camera as she was shopping down the wine aisle for Super Bowl Sunday.

The victim said she participated in a photo line-up and identified the same culprit she says took video up her skirt at the Publix.

"His intentions were to come into the store and film up girls' dresses," said the woman. "It's incredibly scary. You think you can just go shopping, next thing you know your being violated."

She told Clermont police that while shopping, a man kept getting uncomfortably close to her.

"That's when the friend I was with noticed there was a camera on his shoe that he was sticking underneath my dress, filming," the woman said.

The woman then said after being caught, the man calmly walked away. Her friend followed him out of the store, trying to get the cellphone.

"He knew the camera was on his foot, he needed to get it back, so he followed him out of the store and directly asked him for his camera twice," said the woman.

Her friend was able to take one picture of the man that they said was doing the filming as he was getting into a 2003 blue Ford Focus. That man appears to be the same man Local 6 saw in surveillance video taken inside the store.

"Someone who is brave enough to come in and do this with a group of people, what is he brave enough to do when no one else is around?" said the woman.

She told Clermont police the suspect is a white male in his 30s or 40s. He was wearing a blue shirt with a gun graphic on it, a hat and sunglasses.

Now shoppers are worried this video voyeur is still out there.

"It's scary that that happens. What's going to happen when it escalates?" one shopper told Local 6.

Police said they found the car and it was registered to someone in Groveland, but it's not clear if the suspect owns the car.

Police haven't released any other leads.

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