Hurricane Sam to bring tropical storm conditions to Bermuda, rip currents to Florida

Category 4 system roaring across the Atlantic Ocean

Latest Tracking of tropical systems.

MIAMI – Hurricane Sam could bring tropical storm conditions to Bermuda and the Bahamas as early as Friday night as the Category 4 system roars across the Atlantic Ocean.

Sam's maximum sustained winds were near 150 mph (240 kph) Friday morning, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said. Though forecasters said the hurricane would pass “well east” of Bermuda, strong wind and rough surf were expected to affect Bermuda and the Bahamas as Sam had tropical storm-force winds extending 175 miles (280 kilometers) from its center.

The hurricane was located about 435 miles (700 kilometers) south-southeast of Bermuda. It was moving north-northwest at 17 mph (28 kph). A tropical storm warning was in effect for the British territory.

Swells from Sam could also cause high surf and dangerous rip currents along U.S. East Coast beaches this weekend.

Tropical Storm Victor was also over the Atlantic Ocean early Friday. It was centered about 630 miles (1,015 kilometers) west-southwest of the Cape Verde islands with top winds around 60 mph (95 kph). The system was not posing any threat to land.