Astronaut records first music video in space

Commander Chris Hadfield sings 'Space Oddity' from ISS

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INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION - Commander Chris Hadfield made history by becoming the first Canadian astronaut to lead the crew at the International Space Station. On Sunday, Hadfield performed another first -- singing and recording the first music video in space.


Celebrating his return to Earth, Commander Hadfield showed off his vocal talents by singing David Bowie's famous "Space Oddity" while floating around in zero gravity.

Hadfield altered the lyrics to fit his personal experience in outer space. For example, Hadfield sings "lock your Soyuz hatch" instead of "take your protein pills" from Bowie's original lyrics.

The Canadian commander also displays his skills on the guitar, strumming the brief solo two and a half minutes into the video.

The video has quickly gone viral. More than one million people have watched the music video since it was posted on Sunday.

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Hadfield, along with NASA astronaut Tom Mashburn and Russian cosmonaut Roman Romanenko, will land in Kazakhstan on Monday at 10:30 p.m. EST.

Commander Hadfield has paved the way for future crew members to use social media to spark interest in space missions. During his time at the space station, Hadfield has consistently tweeted pictures, provided updates through Twitter and posted videos to YouTube to help the average person experience life aboard the ISS.

"Hard to express all my emotions, but mostly gratitude," Hadfield tweeted on Sunday. "I came here on behalf of so many people - thank you."


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