Storm insurance tips

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. - Dana Kelly of Lake County spent his Tuesday picking up what Tropical Storm Debby left behind.

High winds demolished his pool enclosure on Sunday, but Kelly said he's still covered.

"I have full coverage for the house, property, liability, the whole works," he said.

Insurance agent Kevin McEwen, of Hillcrest Insurance Agency, said if you have damage from a storm, make temporary repairs first.

"Whether its putting a tarp over a hole, whether its putting a board up -- just taking action that would prevent the damage from getting worse," he said.

McEwen said standard policies cover damage due to wind, tree failure, (if the tree damages the home) as well as damage to things inside the home.

Homeowners policies do not typically cover flooding, and coverage for pool enclosures vary by insurance company.

"I think the saddest thing is when someone has a circumstance come up and they don't get the protection that they thought that they had," he said.

Rather than hurricane insurance, named tropical storms fall under regular homeowners insurance, which usually have a lower deductable.

Kelly's advise to homeowners -- make sure everything you value is covered specifically.

"Not only the roof, but the screen enclosure for your swimming pool," he said.

While it's too late to get insurance for Debby, homeowners can make changes to their policy in preparation for Ernesto, the next named storm, and beyond.

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