Man used camera in shoe to take video up woman's skirt at Walmart, Sanford police say

Man charged with sex offense video voyeurism

By Michelle Dendy - Web Editor
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SANFORD, Fla. - Sanford police arrested a man on Tuesday night after they say he filmed video up a woman's skirt at Walmart by using a camera in his shoe.

Paul Senzee has been charged with sex offense video voyeurism after police say he placed his cellphone that had black tape covering the outer portion of the camera lens with a small hole cut out of tape in the center of the lens, under a woman's skirt at the Walmart on the 3600 block of Orlando Drive.

Police said Senzee walked up behind the victim multiple times and extended his foot forward and under her skirt. Walmart employees confronted Senzee and he was kept in the loss prevention office until police arrived.

The victim told police she noticed a hole in the top of one of Senzee's shoes and asked her to show her his shoes, according to the report. Senzee refused and the victim began yelling, police said. Another man asked Senzee for the camera, which Senzee pulled from his shoe.

According to police, Senzee was wearing black dress shoes with a round hole cut out of the top of his right shoe. The tape around the camera lens of the iPod/iPhone matched Senzee's shoe color.

Once police search Senzee's cellphone they will be able to determine if there are additional victims, according to the report.

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