Zimmerman parents post new message online

Ask for continued support on Thanksgiving

SANFORD, Fla. - The parents of George Zimmerman posted a new message on their website on Thanksgiving -- the first post they've made in more than a month.

We found the post on RobertAndGladys.com.

It reads, in part, quote "Although our life is very much in disarray, we count our blessings."

The post went onto say, quote, "Our lives have been forever altered. However, we simply look forward to the day that George, and every family member, can move forward."

George Zimmerman is out of jail, awaiting his second-degree murder trial next summer in the deadly shooting of Trayvon Martin.

But before that happens, there's a "Stand Your Ground" hearing in April, which will operate like a mini-trial.

Zimmerman is using "Stand Your Ground" as his defense in the shooting of the unarmed teen.

At that hearing, after looking at all the evidence, a judge could decide to drop the charges against Zimmerman.

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