Horse found beaten, burned in barn

Deputies seek help in finding information about case

OCALA, Fla. - Authorities in Marion County want to know who attacked a Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse.

[PHOTOS:  Horse badly burned at farm near Ocala]

"Sassy," a 14-year-old Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse, has burns on her left side, that run from her tail to her hoof.

Her owner, Todd Overcash, believes someone poured acid on the horse when the horse's caretaker was away this weekend.

"Her pain is pretty severe, and those wounds have to be scrubbed down twice a day, and we have to dose her," he said.

The horse was found curled up in a dark corner of a barn in Ocala on Monday night.

"Just trying to imagine anyone who could ever do this to a creature, to me, is not a human being," he said.

According to the Marion County Sheriff's Office report, a neighbor saw a man walking around the two acre property on Friday.

The neighbor said the man was driving a red car.

However, there are no broken gates, no finger prints, no evidence that points to who is responsible.

A veterinarian who is quoted in the report doesn't believe the wounds are from acid, but from a paint which can burn the skin.

"Sassy" has been transported to an equestrian hospital where she will receive round the clock care.

Overcash says he will be offering a reward to anyone who has information as to who is responsible for hurting his horse.

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