6 great white sharks tracked off Florida’s coast

‘Tis the season, experts say

(Credit: R.Snow/Ocearch)

The waters off Florida’s coast are known to have sharks, but this news could keep you out of the water.

Six great white sharks are being tracked off Florida’s coast, according to CNN.

Ocearch, a nonprofit organization are responsible for tagging and tracking sharks all over the world, says six of its tagged great white sharks are currently off the coast of Florida. Of course, there could be more that aren’t tagged.

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The agency’s tracking system indicated that four of the sharks can be found in the northeast area, while two more are in the southwest ocean region of Florida.

Six seems like a lot, but the agency says water temperatures are ideal right now.

Three of the six were tracked in one similar location off the coast of Jacksonville, where water temperatures are 65 to 67 degrees.

The six sharks are named Nova, Sydney, Cabot, Ironbound, Unama’ki and Hudson. They each have trackers so Ocearch can map their migration patterns.