71-year-old man stalked 17-year-old girl, Eustis police say

Larry Yennior accused of repeatedly going to teen’s work

Larry Yennior

EUSTIS, Fla. – A 71-year-old man repeatedly went to a teen girl’s work for several months, causing her to be so afraid for her safety that her coworkers would have to hide her when he arrived at the store, according to the Eustis Police Department.

Police said Larry Yennior, 71, had been targeting the 17-year-old girl over the course of a year beginning in March 2019 when he noticed her at the grocery store where she works.

According to documents, Yennior would go to the store and seek out the teen, even buying small, insignificant items so that he could go through her check-out lane.

He’d ask the girl personal questions about her age and whether her parents would approve if they were to begin a romantic relationship, records show.

The victim said she’d try to avoid Yennior at all costs but she was also afraid of being rude to a customer, so eventually, her manager intervened.

The manager told police about incidents in which Yennior would roam around the store looking for the teen, corner other employees to ask for the girl’s number and in one instance gave her an item in a brown paper bag, which she did not open, according to the report.

Police said the behavior got so bad that employees would watch out for Yennior and when he entered the store they would say a code word over the intercom so the girl could hide.

Records show the victim and her mother had to get a restraining order against Yennior but he would repeatedly file paperwork to get the case delayed or dismissed, even after an injunction was granted.

Yennior was arrested Thursday on a stalking charge.