News 6/360: Apply to be an astronaut; dancing dad documents son’s NICU stay on TikTok

Get a 360-look at what’s trending in Central Florida and beyond

News 6/360 anchors Brianna Volz and Julie Broughton. (WKMG)

ORLANDO, Fla. – If your dream has always been to explore what lies beyond Earth, you hate doing lawn work but your yard demands it or you’re just a fan of sweet, viral stories, this week’s episode of News 6/360 is for you.

Let’s start with space -- or, better yet, how you might be able to get there. NASA is taking applications for its Artemis Generation, the astronauts who will eventually lead humans to the moon, Mars and beyond. News 6/360 anchors Julie Broughton and Brianna Volz break down what you’ll need on your resume if you’re interested and how you can apply. Warning: There’s an impressive list of requirements, so swipe around to see them and pay close attention.

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Do you hate yard work but love cute animals? Same, which is why we had to tell you about this new way to get rid of invasive plants, pesticide-free: Rent-a-Ruminant. It’s eco-friendly and, more importantly, involves adorable goats. A herd of farm animals will do your chores for you, literally making them the GOAT -- you know, greatest of all time?

To tug at your heartstrings, we cap this week’s episode off with not only a NICU graduation but the long days that led up to it. Using the hashtag #Dancing4Dylan, a Central Florida firefighter documented his son’s weekslong hospital stay with dancing videos that quickly went viral on the app TikTok. Swipe around while watching the episode to see some of the videos watched by hundreds of thousands of users and get an update on Baby Dylan.

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