News 6/360: Florida on its worst behavior, report says; what’s a ghost kitchen?

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ORLANDO, Fla. – A recent report suggests Florida is among the most sinful states in the U.S. -- and we’ve got the Florida Man stories to back up the claim.

The Sunshine State is no Vegas -- better known as Sin City -- but the findings of the study don’t exactly lead anyone to think we’ve been on our best behavior either. In this week’s episode of “News 6/360,” anchors Julie Broughton and Brianna Volz walk you through the methodology that landed us the No. 3 spot on the list of sinful states.

You can also swipe around to meet the suspects mentioned in the sinful segment and get a closer look at what led to their arrests (Hint: There’s some body camera video you won’t want to miss.

Though he isn’t one of the Florida men we mention in the sinful story, we do introduce you to a guy who’s accused of sneaking into theme parks after hours and taking illegal tours of some popular attractions all to put together videos he was posting online. Until recently, the so-called “urban explorer” said he was making a living off the risky content. That was until YouTube took action against him.

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Also, have you heard of a ghost kitchen? There’s a good chance you could be eating from one sometime soon if you haven’t already. Move your camera around in this week’s episode to hear from a local business owner who says the idea is reinventing the restaurant industry.

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