Coronavirus: Florida governor explains why he isn’t closing day cares

DeSantis says he doesn’t want to cause unnecessary stress on parents

Schools across the state have shut down as coronavirus numbers continue to swell but Florida’s day cares have not been directed to cease operations as of Wednesday.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis acknowledged that some residents are wondering why that’s the case as they express concern about their children.

DeSantis said that the mandates he’s enacted -- including forcing bars and night clubs to close -- have been at the direction of the state’s top health officials.

As far as closing day cares, he said health agencies haven’t told him it’s necessary to do that. In fact, he believes that closing day cares would create more unnecessary stress on parents, many of whom are already struggling to find child care now that schools won’t resume classes until mid-April.

“I think that’ll cause huge issues throughout the state,” DeSantis said.

The governor said his main priorities right now are expanding the availability of COVID-19 tests and securing more personal protective equipment for medical personnel and first responders.

The Villages, a region with a high population of retirees, is one of the areas where he’d like to see more testing take place. DeSantis said he’s also working on a contingency plan for those residents since seniors are more at risk for developing severe complications if they test positive for the respiratory illness.

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