Orlando coffee shop robbed, trashed while county was under coronavirus curfew

Orlando Police is investigating


ORLANDO, Fla. – Gratitude Coffee, in College Park, fell victim to a robbery overnight, according to the store’s owner.

Jen Hackney spoke with News 6 Saturday morning and said Orlando Police officers were investigating the break-in.

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According to Hackney, the burglars stole the store’s cash box, which had about $100 in it, as well as two iPads used to process transactions.

While the iPads were first-generation and not worth a lot of money, they were home to priceless photos of her family including her son’s wedding and other memorable moments.

Hackney said the burglars also went through her refrigerator and “just trashed the place.” The thieves also took out a whole gallon of vanilla syrup and threw it on the floor.

Orlando Police are looking into surveillance cameras in the area to piece together what happened.

According to a police report, the robbery occurred while Orange County was under a curfew due to the coronavirus.

Hackney said things could have been much worse.

“They didn’t steal my espresso machine or coffee grinder," Hackney said. She adds they didn’t steal or destroy a treasured painting of her German Shepard that hangs in the restaurant.

Hackney posted a picture of the mess left behind by the burglars on social media Saturday to let her customers know that the shop would not be open.

The caption read:

“So this is what I found when I open my back door this morning to come and open the shop. It looks like I was robbed overnight and they really made a mess of my shop so I will not be opening today.”

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