Look up: Halley’s Comet meteor shower and last supermoon of 2020 to dazzle sky this week

HGRH4K An Eta Aquarid meteor exploding over pine trees on the Coconino Rim along the Arizona Trail. Kaibab National Forest, Arizona (Mike Cavaroc / Alamy Stock Photo, Credit: Mike Cavaroc / Alamy Stock Photo)

Everyone needs something super right now, so mother nature is serving up a dazzling display in the night sky.

A meteor shower from Halley’s Comet will peak Tuesday. But, a nearly full moon will make it hard to see in the northern hemisphere.

That nearly full moon will turn into a supermoon on Thursday morning.

If you go outside and look up, you’ll see a supermoon, the last one of four we’ll see this year. It’s a supermoon because it’s so close to earth right now.

This particular moon is called the flower moon, which makes sense considering how much is in bloom right now. The moon will actually look full for three days starting Tuesday night through Friday morning.

If you miss the meteor shower on Tuesday because of the bright supermoon, stargazers might have another chance to see the shower just before dawn next Sunday.

This year, the Eta Aquariid meteor shower coincides with the supermoon on May 7.

Otherwise, as with the famed Halley’s Comet, there’s always next year. Earth crosses the comet’s orbital path each spring between April and May.

Halley’s Comet itself won’t be visible again until at least 2061.