Do Your Part: Member of South Orlando Youth Soccer Club pays for 50 free haircuts

Anonymous club member paid to help barbershop

ORLANDO, Fla. – Kids and dads got free haircuts on Wednesday at J. Henry's Barbershop in downtown Orlando.

A member of the South Orlando Youth Soccer Club wanted to support the barbershop and paid for 50 free haircuts.

Chris Whittaker, President of the Board for the South Orlando Youth Soccer Club said he wanted to bring the soccer community back together.

"It's the whole community effect," Whittaker said. "With us all being shut down, we said, 'Who else can we help? How can we help those that were affected within the soccer community, not just in the South Orlando side?' So we partnered out with J. Henry. J. Henry has reached out, and he's done a lot of effort to get the barbershops and hair salons reopened."

Whittaker reflected on when he told J. Henry about coming to his barbershop for the 50 haircuts.

"He said, 'Chris, that is beautiful news. That is absolutely wonderful.' He said, 'I am blessed,' and he said, 'We're working together. We're going to be blessed communities.' I couldn't agree more."

Whittaker said the sign-up sheet filled up within minutes. He hopes this act to help J. Henry's Barbershop will inspire other soccer clubs to help the community.

“Hopefully some of the other clubs will see what we’re doing and reach out to some other businesses here in the Parramore area down by the stadium and help them out so that the community here can be vibrant again before soccer comes back.”