6 ways Disney Springs is working to keep you safe

Disney Springs reopens Wednesday amid coronavirus

As Disney Springs begins a phased reopening Wednesday, they brought News 6 along to show how they are working with guests to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

As Disney Springs begins a phased reopening Wednesday, they brought News 6 along to show how they are working with guests to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Below are six steps Disney Springs management are taking:

Limited Entrances

Disney representatives said there will only be four entrances into Disney Springs. Including one inside the Lime Garage, two entrances in the Orange Garage and one entrance off of Hotel Plaza Boulevard where ride shares drop off guests, and at the pedestrian bridge.

This is to limit the amount of checkpoints where guests will be checked if they are wearing a face covering or a fever.

Temperature checks for guests

At each of those entrances, guests will be greeted by AdventHealth officials armed with digital thermometers to check if guests have a fever. Disney representatives said guests with a fever of 100.4 or above will be asked to leave as well as everyone in their party.

Requiring face coverings

Disney is requiring all guests three-years-old and older to wear a mask or face covering. You must have it on before you get your temperature checked or you will not be allowed in Disney Springs. Disney representatives say they will have face masks for sale, but you will still have to have your own before purchasing one.

Physical distance barriers and signs

Disney Springs opens May 20 with new changes due to the coronavirus. (WKMG 2020)

Guests coming to Disney Springs will also see several signs and makers to promote physical and social distancing. Not only will there be physical arrows leading guest to go in certain directions but outside several of the restaurants and retailers are physical markers.

For example, outside World of Disney, one of the busiest stores, are large social distancing markers keeping families and groups 6 feet apart. World of Disney is set to open on May 27.

What’s interesting to note, is Disney Springs is not only using social bigger social distancing markers already being used at Shanghai Disney, but Disney Springs is exclusively trying out smaller social distancing makers to see if that works better. Disney representatives say they will then share that information with the other parks.

According to Dr. Robertico Croes, Associate Dean of the UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management, the protocols you see at Disney Springs could work as a pilot-project to see what could work or not work at the theme parks.

“This is like a pilot project,” Croes said. “They will study and look very closely to see how they can mold behavior.”

Increased focus on disinfecting, hand washing

Throughout Disney Springs, there were several hand sanitizing stations as well as portable hand washing stations, too. If they look familiar, Disney representatives say those portable hand washing stations are used for RunDisney races and are now being used at Disney Springs.

Cast members will also have an increased focus on wiping down and disinfecting high touch areas such as railing and elevator buttons.

Temporary schedule changes

Wednesday marks the beginning of a phased reopening for Disney Springs with 44 restaurants and retailers opening their doors. However, entertainment venues such as the boat rides at the Boathouse Restaurant and the AMC Theaters will remain closed. Disney owned and operated stores including The Marketplace Co-Op, World of Disney and Delux Burger will stay closed until May 27.

For a full list of guidelines and safety measures Disney Springs is implementing or for information on which stores are opening, click here.