More than 600 people protest across Clermont, zero incidents

Two seperate protests focus on education and change

CLERMONT, Fla. – More than 600 people gathered across Clermont to protest the killing of George Floyd by a minneapolis police officer Wednesday.

One demonstration started at Waterfront Park around 3 p.m. and the group of hundreds marched to Clermont City Hall where an open mic forum was held by community members. Dozens of people stepped up to the microphone to talk about some of their experiences in the community, social injustice adn the importance of voting.

A white mom from Minneola brought her 7-year-ld son to the demonstration. She said it was an opportunity to teach her son.

“As an educator, I think it’s really important that I teach my own son first, and so we talked about what’s happening. We talked about George Floyd, we talked about injustice and equality and he’s not OK with it. So he’s here because he’s going to be a man in America, and I need him to be a good man," said Sara Parets.

A few miles away, another protest organized by young people attracted a crowd. More than a hundred people stood along the corner of State Road 50 and Hancock Road, chanting and holding signs.

“Just to see all these different kind of races and individuals coming out to see that it’s bigger than just us, it’s the greatest feeling,” said Gerald Phanord.

“In order for there to be change the white people are going to have to step into this ring and fight for justice and that’s why I’m here today,” said Mike Slagle.

Clermont Police had a large presence at both protests and said there have been no incidents reported.

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