Video shows Orange County deputy smashing driver’s window during traffic stop

Sheriff John Mina says incident is under review

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Sheriff John Mina has launched an inquiry after a video circulating on social media showed an Orange County deputy smashing a car window during a traffic stop Wednesday.

Deputies said around 7:30 p.m. investigators noticed a vehicle blocking traffic lanes with its hazard lights on while protesters in response to George Floyd’s death were walking on the sidewalk on the westbound side of Curry Ford Road.

After a traffic stop was initiated 21-year-old Khadija Bezzaz pulled into a Walgreens parking lot, the video shows.

The video shows Bezzaz recording the incident with her phone.

“I felt unsafe for my life," she said.

Footage of the incident from the driver’s view was widely shared on social media. In response on Thursday, Orange County Sheriff John Mina said the incident was under review.

Investigators said the driver was informed she was violating traffic violations and was being detained.

Deputies said she was asked to step out of the car and she did not.

Mina said the deputy felt the car lurch forward and Deputy Christopher Moore smashed the car window with a baton.

“I do find the video troubling,” Mina said.

The sheriff said more time could have been spent deescalating the situation.

“I didn’t see the necessity to go to that right away. That’s why we are opening an inquiry,” Mina said.

The driver was placed in a sheriff’s office vehicle and she was transported to the hospital after she sustained minor cuts to her face from the broken glass.

No charges have been sent to the state attorney’s office as the incident is under review, according to the sheriff.

“It’s like putting a bandaid over somebody stabbing you, we need change," Bezzaz said.

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