Road trip? Man creates treasure hunt by burying $1 million worth of jewelry

Clues for treasure cost $49

Treasure Chest (Pixabay)
Treasure Chest (Pixabay)

Listen up, adventurers. About $1 million worth of gold and jewelry are up for grabs.

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing Johnny and Amy Perri to close their family jewelry store in Washington Township, Michigan.

The couple decided to make a real-life treasure hunt with most of the store’s inventory, burying stashes of vintage engagement rings, precious coins and gold and silver.

The treasures are hidden all across Michigan, each worth about $4,000.

"We had the time of our life burying everything. It was awesome man," Johnny Perri said.

Each treasure has a GPS tracker for monitoring.

Clues to the treasure cost $49.

The real-life treasure hunt starts Aug. 1.

For more information, head to johnnystreasurequest.com.