Central Floridians wanted as clinic begins work on COVID-19 vaccine

Accel Clinical Services wants to test those most at risk

LAKE MARY, Fla. – As the hunt for a coronavirus vaccine continues, some Central Florida residents will do their part and help with the development of a vaccine against COVID-19.

Accel Clinical Services announced Wednesday that its DeLand clinical research unit would serve as one of the sites for several clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines.

“Accel Research Sites is now seeking participants, particularly among high-risk populations, such as health care workers, grocery stores employees and theme park workers,” officials with the company said.

Clinical trials help provide participants with access to new care options at no cost to them.

“Accel Research Sites has been dedicated to helping advance health care and provide patient treatment options for nearly two decades,” said Matt Maxwell, CEO of Accel Clinical Services. “This is a critical moment for our industry and our world, and we are proud to help facilitate these important clinical trials.”

Researchers estimate that they may need up to 2,500 participants over the next year.

“Participants could expect to make several return visits for observation over the course of the next three years, depending on which study they participate in, as new studies open and testing for new vaccine options continues,” officials said.

Those interested in applying should visit covidorlando.com and provide their information.

Once submitted, a member of the Accel Research Sites team will then reach out to further evaluate eligibility.

“Pre-screening is starting now, and trials begin as early as next week. One of the confirmed studies for which Accel Research Sites is a location is the Moderna COVE Study of the mRNA-1273 vaccine,” officials said.

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