Marion County school board discusses changes for upcoming school year

School board members discussed enhanced cleaning procedures

MARION COUNTY, Fla. – The Marion County School Board met early Thursday to discuss changes that will be in place when the school year begins.

The meeting came a day after the deadline for families to decide if their students would return to the classroom or choose one of the district’s distance learning options.

For students who elect in-person instruction, there will be social distancing measures and face coverings will need to be worn in certain areas.

"When we can social distance appropriately, then masks don't need to be worn," Deputy Superintendent Mark Vianello said. "When we cannot adhere to CDC guidelines, then there is a requirement for all employees and students to wear masks."

School board members discussed enhanced cleaning procedures during the meeting, as well as what happens after a student becomes ill.

"When the health clinic sees a trend developing out of a particular classroom, that's our trigger point to contact the health department. That's our trigger point to close down the classroom," Vianello said.

Similar measures were mentioned for when it’s discovered that a sick child was on a school bus.

"That sick bus, as we call it, will remain out of rotation for 24 hours," Director of Transportation Rebecca Rora said. "It will get that thorough cleaning, get that sit time before it's put back into rotation."

District leaders said additional procedures will be discussed in the weeks to come, but they also said they’re relying on teachers and staff to identify additional risks when it comes to preventing the spread of COVID-19.

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