‘Really serious, even to kids:’ Orange County 10-year-old documents COVID-19 experience

Kendall Hanson tested positive in July

An Orange County elementary student documented her COVID-19 journey sharing videos of her experience after testing positive for the virus in July.

Ten-year-old Kendall Hanson has since recovered from coroanvirus and is now out of quarantine after living alone in her bedroom for more than a week.

"I'm feeling good. Just glad to be out of it," she said.

Kendall Hanson said started feeling sick on July 16 after a family trip. She said she thought she had a sinus infection.

Her father, Matthew Hanson, took her to get tested. He said he was shocked when they got the results.

"It was scary because you just don't know what to expect and everybody reacts differently to the virus," Matthew Hanson said.

Her father said a family friend suggested she journal her experience. Kendall Hanson recorded daily videos where she shared her thoughts and how she was feeling.

"Just to look back on this unique time and just to know what I was feeling for when I'm older," she said.

Kendall Hanson said she had headaches and stomach aches but the most painful symptom was isolation.

"I was kinda living in my room. The only time I got to get up was to go to the bathroom," she said.

In one of her videos she said she missed out on family activities, like baking with her sister and father.

"I'm really sad because that's something that I'm actually missing out on. I really want to go out there and help make them," she said in the video.

Matthew Hanson said no one else in their home tested positive.

He adds the videos became his daughter's creative outlet as she shared her journey with friends and family. He said their support got her through the tough times.

"And really encouraged her and it helped her a lot get through that loneliness and some of the feelings she was feeling," he said.

Kendall Hanson wants to provide that same support to others with COVID-19. She shared these encouraging words in all of her videos.

"I want you guys to know you are not alone if you have the corona. I am with you. I am here," she said.

She said even though she didn't experience major symptoms, she hopes her videos are a reminder that children can get the coroanvirus too.

"It can be serious, even to kids," Kendall Hanson said.

Click here to watch Kendall Hanson’s video journals.

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