SpaceX launches another round of space-based satellites

Sunday’s launch marks 13th satellite launch

SpaceX rocket launch.

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched the 14th round of internet-beaming satellites into low-Earth orbit Sunday.

The launch marks SpaceX’s 13th operational satellite launch. The satellite constellation known as Starlink outnumbers any other constellation in orbit with nearly 800 circling the Earth.

SpaceX sends these satellites up into space at a rate of 60 per launch. The spacecraft are being used by SpaceX to create a space-based global internet that is currently undergoing a limited beta testing in the western U.S.

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The booster used for this mission has launched five other times and the rocket nose cone, or fairings, have both flown three times, according to SpaceX.

In true SpaceX fashion, both boosters used during the launch landed at sea on drone ships.

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