Local nonprofit sending photos of bullied children to the moon

Public invited to submit pictures

ORLANDO, Fla. – A local nonprofit is taking anti-bullying efforts to new heights by sending photos and personal letters to the moon.

The Blatantly Honest Foundation is partnering with Celestis, Inc. on Operation Inclusion to make it happen.

“We are going to the moon in 2021. So we’re sending photos of bullied kids up to the moon so no one can look down on them again,” said The Blatantly Honest Foundation founder Makaila Nichols.

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Nichols is a best-selling author and speaker, who started the foundation after being bullied throughout high school and college.

“And it really kind of changed my outlook. I was like if people can be this young and this mean, then that’s a problem. So I figured I would be, you know, since I’m young, I’m only 22, I decided that I wanted to be that positive voice to say it’s not cool to be rude. It’s cool to be kind,” Nichols said.

Nichols said in 2021, a microchip containing “hopefully millions” of photos will launch to the moon.

“I was so graciously donated this space contract and told I could do whatever I want, and I said, ‘We’re going to send pictures, dang it, because that’s incredible,’” Nichols said.

You can send one photo for a $5 donation or three photos for a $10 donation. Donations go to support the work of The Blatantly Honest Foundation, which is includes speaking engagements, anti-bullying coloring books and an upcoming online platform for teachers and students.

Nichols also said the foundation is developing online space games.

The deadline to submit photos is Dec. 20. You can submit online at https://blatantlyhonest.org/.

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