‘Don’t wait:’ Time is running out to return your ballot via mail

Elections officials advise getting ballot in mail by tomorrow at the latest

‘Don’t wait:’ Time is running out to return your ballot via mail
‘Don’t wait:’ Time is running out to return your ballot via mail

Time is running out if you plan to send back your mail-in ballot through the post office, according to several elections officials in Central Florida.

Many of the Supervisor of Elections officials recommend you put your mail-in ballot back in the mail at least five to seven days before election night, as they are due back at your supervisor of elections office by 7 p.m. on Nov. 3.

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“We recommend you mail your ballot no later than tomorrow, Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020 - a week prior to Election Day,” said Kaiti Lenhart, Flagler County Supervisor of Elections.

However, in Lake County, at this point, they are recommending you go ahead and bypass the postal service.

“At this point Supervisor Hays is recommending that voters hand deliver/drop off their voted by mail ballots,” said Nanci Cornwell, Lake County SOE’s Community Outreach Director.

The same recommendations come from the League of Women Voters of Florida, according to its President Patricia Brigham.

“Now it’s time to bypass putting that mail-in ballot in the mail,” Brigham said. “It’s too late. If there is any sort of mail slow down it may not be received.”

Voters have several options if they do want to bypass sending their ballot in the mail. Voters can drop off their mail-in ballot at a secure dropbox, at early voting locations, and at their Supervisor of Elections office.

Brigham said voters can also surrender their mail-in ballot and just vote on Election Day.

“We want voters to be proactive and we want our voters to vote counted and should there be any slowdowns in the mail, there is a way to avoid that,” Brigham added.

If you have already mailed in your ballot, many supervisors of elections office have ways to track it. If your ballot has not been received, Brigham recommends calling your supervisor to make sure there are no issues.

Again, the mail-in ballot must be returned by the time polls close at 7 p.m. on Election Night.

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