Headed to see the Crew-1 launch? Follow these tips to avoid getting stuck in traffic

TITUSVILLE, Fla. – Brevard County officials are estimating more than 250,000 will be headed to Titusville this weekend for this historic astronaut launch of the SpaceX Crew-1 Mission now scheduled for Sunday. Both the Titusville Police Department and the Florida Highway Patrol are putting out advisories for those who planning on driving over to watch the liftoff.

The SpaceX Falcon 9 launch with four astronauts in the Dragon spacecraft is scheduled for Sunday at 7:27 p.m.

Visitors are advised to download the Waze traffic app for updated parking and traffic information.

Titusville is home to popular launch viewing spots including the Max A. Brewer Bridge and Space View Park.

Titusville police are asking motorists to slow down in launch viewing areas, especially on U.S.1, State Road 406 along the A. Max Brewer Bridge, and all surrounding areas.

Visitors should expect significant vehicle and pedestrian congestion delays before and after the launch.

A multi-agency traffic exit plan has been developed to help with a safe exit from the City of Titusville after the SpaceX Crew Dragon launch.

The Titusville Police Department will also determine when to open and close the A. Max Brewer Bridge. When officers decide to close is ahead of the launch will depend on how early the crowds gather. The bridge will stay closed for up to an hour after the launch to allow for pedestrian and motor safety

The Florida Highway Patrol recommends drivers leave early to find a safe location to park.

Drivers are not allowed to park on the shoulder of a limited access road, this includes State Road 528, unless it has been designated as parking.

High traffic volume is expected on SR 528, US-1 and State Road A1A, before and after the launch.

Drivers may want to consider using SR-46, SR-520, SR-50 and US-192 as a westbound route, away from the coast, after the launch. In the past, these roads were underutilized by drivers, returning back to the center part of the state.

Drivers can use State Road 520 towards SR 50 for the north end or Nova Road towards the south end.

State Road 407 will be monitored after the launch for volume and may be shut down to prevent traffic from traveling westbound on the Beachline, as this was one area that caused significant slow-downs, in previous launches.

State Road 528 was where most of the slowdowns were seen, after the first crewed launch in May was scrubbed.

The westbound change lanes at the toll booth on State Road 528, near Dallas will be blocked off to prevent drivers from using those lanes as a passing zone.

Driver can use 511 to get up to date information on traffic conditions. Call *347 if you need assistance or have a traffic problem.

According to the FHP, the No. 1 way to make traveling to and from the launch safer is for each driver to plan for heavy traffic, find an alternate route and pack their patience.

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