Ocoee police to test instant access to surveillance cameras across city

‘Real Time Crime Video’ system would give officers ability to rewind crime scene

OCOEE, Fla. – The Ocoee Police Department is planning to test out a new video system that will give officers the ability to monitor surveillance camera feeds and even rewind the feeds from any source that chooses to share its feeds.

Many businesses across Ocoee have surveillance cameras in place but right now, the police department cannot see any of the video feeds.

Likewise, cameras are perched at intersections and above highways but the department doesn’t have access to those either.

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Using the Real Time Crime Video system would give police access to those public and private feeds, if the owner approves.

As part of the police department’s contract with the video system company, it would solicit approval from business owners, according to Ocoee Police Department Deputy Chief Vince Ogburn.

“Every call it could be priceless,” Ogburn said. “Every business that calls, as minute as it is, it could escalate into something else. We’re in the business of safety, making sure people stay safe and protecting people.”

Ogburn said the department currently has no access to any cameras outside the police department.

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