Here’s why you won’t hear as much train noise in Kissimmee

Kissimmee received a quiet zone designation

Train noise will decrease in Kissimmee. (City of Kissimmee)

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – Train noise will decrease in Kissimmee.

City officials said the city now has a quiet zone designation.

Trains passing through downtown Kissimmee between Donegan Avenue and Clay Street will not blow horns during regular operation.

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The train can still sound the horn for emergency and safety reasons.

City officials said crossings within the quiet zone went through safety enhancements.

More signs have been put up at the crossings.

Train crossings are now equipped with active warning devices with flashing lights, gates, warning train detection systems and power-out indicators, according to city officials.

Kissimmee officials want to remind drivers and pedestrians to not stop on the tracks and to stay behind the white line if traffic is stopped.

City officials said as Kissimmee continues to grow, the quiet zone designation will make the downtown experience more enjoyable.