Injunction filed against Seminole County school board over new superintendent pick

Complaint claims board violated rules when it rescinded its vote for Chad Farnsworth

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – An injunction was filed in Seminole County civil court on Thursday trying to get a judge to stop the Seminole County school board from moving forward with its new superintendent.

Attorney Philip Kaprow is asking for the injunction on behalf of his client, who is a Seminole County mother.

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“My client came to me because she was very concerned the rules were not followed,” Kaprow said.

The complaint claims school board members didn’t follow their own rules last month when they reversed their decision on who the next superintendent will be.

Kaprow said the school board follows the Roberts Rules of Order. The complaint claims the board violated their own bylaws during the Feb. 23 meeting when they voted to rescind their previous vote selecting Chad Farnsworth as the new superintendent.

Kaprow said according to the rules, the board is not allowed to rescind a vote for someone who was elected to a position.

“Once that’s been done and that person is present for the vote or officially notified, you can’t undo. It’s something you’re not allowed to rescind. You have to move forward,” Kaprow said.

Kaprow claims because the board broke the rules, the Feb. 23 vote to rescind is null and void. He said everything that happened after the rescinding vote is also null and void, including the vote on Monday to select Serita Beamon to become the new superintendent.

The complaint is asking the court to step in and stop Beamon’s contract negotiations, which could be approved as early as next week.

“They need to tell the school board that they cannot continue negations with Serita Beamon, but instead must continue their negotiations with Chad Farnworth,” Kaprow said.

Kaprow said he is hoping to meet with a judge soon to present their case.

News 6 contacted the school district, but a spokesperson said they can’t comment on pending litigation.

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