Bargoers head to downtown Orlando for St. Patrick’s Day

Bargoers say they are taking precautions

ORLANDO, Fla. – Downtown Orlando was a much different sight on Wednesday night compared to one year prior.

Gov. Ron DeSantis ordered all bars in the state to close for 30 days on March 7, 2020. The closures were extended for several months.

Without local governments being able to issue fines for COVID-19 violations, some bar-goers said they are taking precautions themselves.

“St Patrick’s Day is the perfect day of the year for the rest of the country to realize that people need to get out and enjoy themselves. Can’t be stuck at home.” Dara Donnelly said.

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Others said that they are happy to be out after not being to celebrate last year.

“We are being careful because this is actually my first time being downtown since last year honesty. It’s been over a year. We we’re definitely affected by it,” Jay Van said.

Some people also said they feel more comfortable being out because vaccination numbers are increasing.

“It’s a big difference. Everyone is being more responsible because everyone is getting vaccinated, so we are out and about today.” Alexa Leffparts said.

Despite not being able to issue fines, Orange County STRIKE teams said they will be out on Wednesday night, enforcing the mayor’s order.

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