Seminole State College’s Oviedo campus now has grid-connected solar array

Sunny days bring big impact to campus

Thanks to a grant from Duke Energy, Seminole State College has a new solar array at its Oviedo campus.

OVIEDO, Fla. – Thanks to a $94,000 grant from Duke Energy, Seminole State College’s Oviedo campus now has a grid-connected solar array.

The array is 2,100 square feet and includes 96 panels.

“It’s a two-party system. So it’s a hybrid ground and roof-mounted array,” said James Miller, Facilities, Energy and Sustainability Manager. “So part of the array is on the roof of our energy plant which runs the chillers for our air conditioning basically at the campus and the other part is a ground-mounted array next to the chilling plant.”

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Miller says this is part of using the campus as a learning laboratory and benefits students working in the sustainability certificate program. He says the program has touchpoints in several different degrees including engineering and construction.

“It’s however you do what you do, whatever it is you do, that you can think about sustainability,” he said.

To learn more about Seminole State College’s Sustainability and Renewable Energy programs, visit their website.

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