‘Everyone needs it:’ Orlando senior medical center offers COVID-19 shots

Dedicated Senior Medical Center says it provided 150 vaccinations

ORLANDO, Fla. – An Orlando senior medical center is doing its part to help bring an end to the COVID-19 pandemic by offering COVID-19 vaccinations to patients and people in the community.

Diane Arnold is thankful she finally got her shot after struggling to make a COVID-19 vaccination appointment.

“It’s been a very struggle. You go to the websites, there’s no vaccine. I’ve actually been to Valencia twice and they (were) only working on the second shot when I went out there the first time and then one day it rained,” Arnold said. “It’s been hard, so I’ve been very excited about today.”

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Arnold became eligible when the state lowered the age to 50. She got her first dose of the Moderna vaccine at the Dedicated Senior Medical Center in Orlando on Saturday.

“At first I said I wasn’t going to get it and I changed my mind. Everyone needs it. Everyone needs it,” Arnold said.

The primary care practice treats seniors. It is now opening its door to anyone eligible to get the vaccine.

The facility offered vaccination appointments to 150 people on Saturday.

Dr. Cherlyn Mahase with Dedicated Senior Medical Center said it is important to make sure everyone has access to the vaccine. She adds some people feel more comfortable going to their doctor’s office to get the shot.

“They trust us and a lot of patients they have hesitancy based on trust and the fact that we develop those good relationships with them they do trust us and so they believe if we’re recommending this for them that it’s going to be a good thing,” Mahase said.

Arnold agrees, adding not everyone can get an appointment online or go to a mass vaccination site.

“A lot of people have to drive far or don’t have transportation,” Arnold said.

Arnold said it is going to take everyone doing their part to bring an end to the pandemic.

She said that’s something she is looking forward to now that she got her first dose of the vaccine.

“After the second one I can probably visit family more,” she said.

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