Florida man finds alligators ‘getting to know each other’ as mating season heats up

Alligators start courting in early April as temperatures heat up

Seeing alligators in Florida is a normal occurrence. However, seeing gator wrestling matches -- not so much.

Gordon Silver of Lakewood Ranch, Florida was shocked to find two large alligators “getting to know each other” right in his backyard.

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Silver posted the video to Facebook.

“These big dinosaurs are getting to know each other in a mating gesture in Lakewood Ranch,” he said.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, alligator mating season begins in early April with courtship while actual mating occurs in May or June.

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In 2020, officials warned of aggressive alligators during this time of year. While they fall in love they might not be so affectionate.

“It’s gator mating season. This means they could be more mobile and aggressive than usual,” the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office wrote in a Facebook post after a 9-foot, 2-inch male gator had to be removed from a county road.

The FWC’s website says Florida has about 1.3 million alligators in all 67 counties.

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