More than 7 million people vaccinated in Florida, COVID-19 cases steadily rise

Health officials attribute uptick in cases to spring break parties, holidays

Cases rise as more people get vaccinated

COVID-19 cases are on an upward trend in Florida.

Within the last week, 37,864 new cases have been reported, which is a 6.37% increase.

Health officials have been working daily to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Data from the Florida Health Department shows as of Saturday, 7,103,884 people have now been vaccinated for the virus.

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demmings recognizes the progress being made in Central Florida and around the state.

“We’re excited about the distribution of vaccine, but the coronavirus still very much alive,” he said.

Thousands of vaccines are distributed daily at pharmacies, grocery stores and other vaccination sites, but COVID-19 cases are steadily rising.

Alan Harris, Emergency Manager with Seminole County says the increase in cases was anticipated.

“Spring break just happened. We all saw pictures of what was going on spring break,” Harris said. “We anticipated that there would be an increase in [COVID-19] cases as people went and partied and had a good time.”

Harris also attributes the rise in the cases to people who aren’t fully vaccinated.

“It’s the younger individuals that just became eligible, haven’t had the vaccine yet. So hopefully those people will start to get vaccinated before summer,” he said.

Harris said whether we see a decrease in cases depends on how many people get the vaccine. Adding, the demand for the shot is on a downward trend.

“Right now, we are especially focused on our young people,” Demmings said.

Central Florida Health Officials say the largest increase in COVID-19 cases falls within the 18 to 25-year-old age group.

Now, they are encouraging that demographic to get vaccinated.

“I don’t think it’s hesitancy, people are busy and if it doesn’t meet their time [they say], ‘eh I’ll wait a couple more weeks,’” Harris said.

Harris says now they are tasked with making it easier for students and other young people to get the vaccine.

He says the only way we can protect each other from the virus is by wearing face coverings and getting the vaccine.

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