First look: Adorable baby sloth born at Brevard Zoo

Third sloth baby born in zoo’s history

For those of you who love sloths, this news will make your day: The cutest two-toed sloth was born at the Brevard Zoo on April 8.

The baby was born to 15-year-old mother Sammy and 18-year-old father Dustin and marks the third sloth baby in the zoo’s history, Brevard Zoo staff said in a news release.

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First look: Adorable baby sloth born at Brevard Zoo (Credit: Brevard Zoo) (Brevard Zoo)

Both mother and baby, whose gender or name has not been revealed yet, can at times be seen in public viewing. They both appear to be thriving, zoo officials said.

Sloths have a 10-month gestation period. Zoo officials said they used positive reinforcement techniques to train Sammy to stay still for ultrasound exams as they monitored the fetus’s development.

To get your sloth fix, you can visit the Brevard Zoo to see the adorable duo.

Zoo officials warn sloths, while adorable, should not be kept as pets.

“Sloths are high-maintenance animals that need professional care, and they don’t belong in the home,” said Michelle Smurl, the Zoo’s director of animal programs. “They have long claws and sharp teeth that they won’t hesitate to use if they’re scared or stressed. If you can’t make the trip down to South America, the best way to get your sloth fix is to visit your local accredited animal care facility.”

First look: Adorable baby sloth born at Brevard Zoo (Credit: Brevard Zoo) (Brevard Zoo)

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