Storms damage church as people were inside rehearsing


Sunday services were cancelled at Covenant Life Church of God in Fruitland Park after a strong thunderstorm came through at around 9:30 a.m., bringing strong winds and heavy rain, and resulting in damage to the building.

A tarp now covers the roof of the church.

The scariest part is that people were inside when the church at a rehearsal when this all happened. Everyone is OK, thankfully.

Jeanine Treadway lives across from the street and said her husband was home and saw the aftermath.

“When he came out to leave, he noticed that the damage was done to the church on the roof and the roof was torn off,” Treadway said.

The church posted a letter on its doors saying the campus is closed this week due to severe weather damage. And now as the church cleans from Saturday’s damage, neighbors are coming together trying to help.

“My husband is going to go over there tomorrow to see if there’s anything we can do or what they may need for assistance or help or anything like that,” Treadway said.

The church said it’s also rescheduling it’s Heritage Week services at this time.

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