What a zoo! Tiger spotted outside home in Houston neighborhood

Man kisses tiger before taking off with animal in truck

Tiger spotted on front lawn of home in Fleetwood neighborhood

HOUSTON – Here’s something you don’t see every day.

Residents in a Houston neighborhood were surprised when they spotted a tiger -- yes, a tiger -- lying on the lawn of a home, KPRC-TV reported.

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A neighbor said the tiger walked toward an off-duty deputy, who pulled out his gun, but a man from a nearby home came out, saying, “Don’t shoot, don’t shoot!”

“(The man) came up to the tiger himself and leaned down and kissed the tiger, and then took him by his collar,” a neighbor told KPRC-TV.

The man later put the tiger in a truck and drove away before police arrived.

The whereabouts of the man and tiger are not known.

Jose Ramos, another neighbor, said he saw a monkey peeking outside the window of the same home a few months ago. Ramos said he called police and notified others via a community blog.