Groveland neighborhood on high alert after series of stray bullets hits homes

2 other neighbors also reported bullets hitting their homes

A stray bullet entered a couple's home on the Fourth of July.

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. – A family in a Groveland neighborhood is asking for information from police and the community after a bullet sliced through their home this past Sunday.

Jarred and Lauren Denison recounted the moment when they say a bullet flew straight into their home on the Fourth of July.

“She had basically said, ‘I think something just crashed into our house and I’m like OK well it’s probably a firework, like no big deal, but then she was like no babe I think a bullet just crashed in our house.’” Jarred Denison said.

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The couple says they just returned from a family member’s house and when they entered their home on Carmillion Court Lauren Denison said she heard a loud crash.

“We were going to come home earlier, but we didn’t because we were watching golf with my aunt and uncle, and I just don’t know what would’ve happened if we came home earlier,” Lauren Denison said.

Groveland police said it appears the bullet hit a window, the screen and then the Denisons’ couch.

The couple shared their ordeal on Facebook as they searched for answers.

According to the Denisons, two other neighbors who also live in the same cul-de-sac have recently had stray bullets, one shattering a back-patio screen and the other happening at the beginning of the year.

Mark Itter showed where he says a bullet hit his home in January.

Itter and the Denisons said they believe the bullets came from undeveloped land nearby.

“We sort of thought it was an incident that was, I don’t know, was rather unique and that it wouldn’t happen again, but now that it has happened two other times I more or less left it at the hands of the police, but I don’t think anything is being done really,” Itter said.

Groveland police said they’re investigating the Denison’s recent scare.

Officers canvassed the neighborhood the day after the stray bullet and found no additional information, according to the department.

The department sent out this statement:

On July 4th, 2021, at about 8:30pm, the Groveland Police Department responded to 820 Carmillion Ct. During a thorough investigation, officers discovered a damaged window, screen and a hole in the couch that is consistent with a bullet entering a home. Officers obtained information from the homeowners, prepared a preliminary report and canvassed the immediate area to include the adjacent rural property located within unincorporated Lake County.

The next day, officers conducted another canvass of the neighborhood with no additional information learned. Currently, there is no evidence indicating that the home was targeted specifically with intent to cause harm to the homeowners and/or occupants.

The priority of the Groveland Police Department is preventing crime and improving the quality of life for all residents. This incident continues to be an ongoing investigation with additional directed patrols of both Groveland Police officers and deputies of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Celebratory gunfire is never encouraged by the Groveland Police Department. Responsible target practice should only be done with a proper backstop in place and in a direction that should never cause damage to personal property or injury to any persons. Those found responsible for reckless display or discharging a firearm will be appropriately charged for such criminal conduct.

To report an incident, call 911 or our non-emergency number at 352-429-4166.

Neighbors said they will continue calling for accountability.

“We need to come together, and we need to be sure to hold our municipalities, as well as our counties, accountable to protect us,” Jarred Denison said.

This incident is still under investigation, but the Denisons said they will continue to advocate for more public safety measures in their neighborhood until the situation has been solved.

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