New swans on the lake: Black-necked cygnets to be released at Lake Eola

Hatchlings of Queenie, Big Boy will take first swim Wednesday

ORLANDO, Fla. – Visitors to Lake Eola can expect to see some new tiny swan faces around the park soon as caretakers plan to release several black-necked swan hatchlings for their first swim.

On Wednesday, the offspring of Queenie and Big Boy will make their debut at Lake Eola Park.

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The swan couple was first united in 2019 after the female swan, Queenie, needed a mate and two male black-necked swans were donated to the lake. Sadly, one of the new swans died and after a necropsy, it was determined that the swan was actually a female.

The surviving swan was named Big Boy, and city leaders say he and Queenie welcomed three new hatchlings in the spring.

The three cygnets will make their first family swim around the lake at 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Lake Eola is home to over 50 swans and five different breeds.

There is a volunteer group called the Swan Habitat Field Team dedicated to keeping an eye on the swans. They monitor everything from nesting conditions to health and can be spotted by their red vests.

Orlando Commissioner Patty Sheehan is currently hosting a fundraising effort to help support the swans. Anyone can donate to the Swan-A-Thon by visiting The fund is changed by the nonprofit Orlando Community Youth Trust.