Episode 1: ‘Solutionaries’ tackles policing in America

New show focuses on solutions-based journalism

In Episode 1 of Graham Media Group’s new digital broadcast, “Solutionaries,” our team asks members of the community what they think are the problems, if any, with the current state of policing in America. The episode also highlights individuals, also known as “Solutionaries,” who are working to solve the issues.

We promise, it’s not a made-up word, though it’s possible you haven’t heard it before. A Solutionary is someone who recognizes a problem or injustice in society, and comes up with creative and innovative ways to tackle those inequities -- thus, making the world a better place, one step at a time.

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With everything that’s happened in the last year-plus -- the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others, protests and other officer-involved incidents -- we thought it would be timely to tackle the issues of policing. What are our officers doing right and what could they do better?

We know how broad of a topic that can be, which is why we took the time to cover it from every angle, talking to law enforcement officers themselves and members of society who are passionate about it and finding out what’s fueled their passion and how they’re inspiring change, if they feel it’s needed.

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We cover it all in a way that we hope leaves everyone feeling inspired, because we know there’s enough bad news out there. Enough problems, if you will. That’s exactly why we believe it’s time to start focusing on the solutions.

Here’s a look at ‘Solutionaries’ Episode 1: Policing in America:

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